About Muralio

To create your MURALIO account click on LOGIN button on the landing page. You have to sign in ONLY with Google account, which is necessary to make statistics and reports when connecting with Google Analytics.

After you've successfully created an account, make sure your details are up to date. This information is essential for sending the reports.

Once you are signed into your Google Account, create Google Analytics account and set up tracking for the chosen websites. You can set up your google analytics on https://analytics.google.com.

Adding new projects

To set up reports click on “New Project” and search for the websites relating to your Google Analytics account, mark the relevant checkboxes to ensure the reporting.

You can then choose your website from the “Projects” to preview the report.

Personalize your reports

To personalize your reports use “DATA RANGE,” then select the period using predefined options, or customize it due to your preferences. You can have your report at hand just by clicking "Download PDF", or you can directly "Share" it or full screen it.

Reports delivery

Your reports can be sent automatically to you or your colleagues' e-mails. Choose "Sending settings" tool and select how often, at what time and who will receive it. For automatic entry of the data in your e-mails use the presented macros.

You can easily preview email template before saving the setting.

Once a report is executed and displayed, click on “Share” link and enter an e-mail where you want your report to be sent, or use “Copy public report URL” tool.


You can add a maximum of 3 projects (Google Analytics views) at the moment, so when you reach 3, you will not be able to add another one.


Open your project and go to “Sending settings,” there is “Delete project” red link at the bottom right.

Frequently asked questions

With Muralio you will receive well-designed and easy to use reports from Google Analytics in a few clicks. No excel or word documents, just ready-made PDF reports with a unique design to download or share with others. These reports can be sent directly and regularly to you and your clients' e-mails as well.

Certainly. Just go to our homepage and click on the “Get it for free” button and you can use the free beta version.

We provide reports in English only at the moment. However, thanks to the unique graphics, non-English speakers can easily follow it. In a case of interest, we will also prepare another language version.

Check also your SPAM folder - your report might be there. If not, please contact us via [email protected] to solve the problem to your satisfaction.

If you wish to delete your account, go to Account Settings and click on the red link "Delete my account" (bottom-right corner).